In your own home or company, you deserve to be happy. If you waste energy and resources every month because of bad insulation, do not hesitate to contact Columbus' USA Insulation. To review your options and help you pick the right insulation services for your house, we can provide a free energy consultation. We have a comprehensive selection of items, from blown-in attic insulation to our premium foam insulation.

The Insulation Industry Champion.
USA Insulation has been leading the way in superior quality insulation for 35 + years. Countless property owners have already benefited from our insulation installation in Columbus and surrounding areas. We are proud to offer quality insulation solutions that, as well as mold , mildew, and other harm resistant, are safe for the environment and for people.
Our USA Premium Foam ® Insulation has a high fire rating and produces its own vapor barrier, something that can literally not be balanced by competitive goods.

We're able to insulate and seal your whole house.
It should be mounted in your home in order for insulation to be as functional as possible: in your attic, in your crawl space and, most significantly, in your walls. For the overall comfort of a home, wall insulation is more important than many people know. Wall insulation is also where there is a chance to shine with our patented USA Premium Foam ® Insulation product. Its advantages far outweigh those of other materials for wall insulation.

Together with our insulation and air sealing solutions for attics and crawling spaces, our superior wall insulation system provides an unbeatable whole-home insulation kit

Columbus insulation In your own home or company, you deserve to be happy.

We have a comprehensive selection of items, from blown-in attic insulation to our premium foam insulation.

The Insulation Industry Champion.

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Our insulation Services in Columbus

Attic Insulation in Columbus

Looking for the best attic insulation? That answer depends on your definition of “best.” The best performing way to insulate an attic doesn’t always align with the most cost-effective way.

First, let’s discuss the most common types of insulation available for attics: fiberglass batts, cellulose, loose-fill fiberglass spray foam.

More options exist, but these four materials make up the vast majority of installations. The term “R-value,” when used below, refers to the material’s ability to resist the transfer of heat and measurement looks at “per-inch” units. The higher the number, the better.

Interested in increasing the R-value in your attic? You can save energy with blown in insulation.

Blown-in insulation in Columbus

This type of insulation offers better coverage. It blows in easily and fills completely, reducing noise and moisture.

Spray foam Insulation in Columbus

Spray foam Insulation offers the best attic insulation performance available. Choose from two types: closed-cell and open-cell, aka 2-pound and ½-pound, respectively. They sport insulation values of approximately R-6.5 and R-3.6 per inch, respectively. When installed properly, both types of insulation fill all of the nooks and crannies in a space and make for a perfect air barrier. When air can’t move through it, you have zero heat transfer through convection.

Fiberglass Insulation in Columbus

Do you need insulation in your house, and need more information about what fiberglass insulation is and how it would work in your home?

Fiberglass – which consists of extremely fine glass fibers – is an insulation material that is found in most homes. It is commonly used in two different types of insulation, which are batts and rolls, and loose-fill. It is also available as rigid boards and duct insulation.


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