Spray foam insulation Columbus

Spray foam (spray polyurethane) insulation is an outstanding commodity in new and existing homes around the Columbus area for several energy efficiency programs. We use high density, closed cell spray foam insulation at Greene Solutions.

Foam Insulation with Closed Cell Spray
A stiff, rigid substance is cured by Closed Cell Spray Foam.

The closed cell spray foam has a higher thermal resistance, at about R-7 per inch, than the open cell.
In order to provide the additional advantages of air sealing, the closed cell spray foamprovides an outstanding air barrier
A qualified installer with a sprayer that mixes two liquids needs to add closed cell spray foam insulation. The foam stretches to completely fill cavities and cover surfaces, and in cold climates such as Ohio's, it can be used to insulate walls, attics, ceilings, floors, and basements and crawl spaces.

use a certified Spray Foam Insulation Project Installer
It takes a trained installer to insulate with spray foam, making it a more costly option than other insulation materials. However, some spray foams may have much greater amounts of insulation per inch (making them ideal for small or narrow spaces). They can serve as a vapor barrier and as an air barrier in certain instances.
Spray foam insulation offers a combined approach with one product for insulation and air sealing. By sticking like glue to the objects it touches, it acts as an air barrier. This ensures that all the current attic insulation needs to be removed from the attic floor when spray foam is placed in an attic, for example, so that the foam can do its sticky job properly.
In order to minimize air leakage, conventional types of insulation do not have any barrier to the flow of air, requiring more material and labor costs. The value of these properties for the comfort of your home will outweigh the extra upfront costs.